Skrivet av: Assar Antonsson | 18 maj 2010

Ateister vet att Gud finns

När den rabiate gudsförnekaren Christer Sturmark och hans s.k. ”Humanister” går till angrepp mot Gud och kristendomen lyssnar inte så få människor. Men om han istället skulle angripa kentaurer skulle samma människor istället kalla honom för galen. Varför, om nu både Gud och kentaurer är fantasifoster?

Den oersättlige Ärkebiskop Fulton Sheen (1895-1979) ger svaret:

This brings us to the third and final characteristic of the modern world: Atheism. Here we are not concerned with the individual atheist, for it is dubious if atheism ever gets beyond the lips into the heart. Modern atheism is not individual but social, the social enthronement of human pride and power. Not only is it social or organized, it is also not unbelief but belief. It may strike one as odd at first to be told that atheism is belief in God, but such is the fact. Modern atheism does not deny God: It believes in Him; it believes in the Divinity of Christ, in the Eucharistic Presence, in the Vicar of Christ not as we believe with an illumined faith inspired by grace, but it believes like the demons in hell! The Devil believes in the Divinity of Christ, in the Eucharist, in the Church, and yet believing he would destroy. Why was it that a few years ago when the Reds pillaged convents in Spain they would ask the sisters as they met them: ”Where is that bread you call God?” If there be no God, then there is no Eucharist. If there be no Eucharist, then why make the distinction between the living bread of souls and the bread of bodies? It was not because they did not believe in the Eucharist, but because they did, not as we do, to worship, but as the devil does, to destroy.

So it is with atheism today. You cannot explain either the intensity of organized atheism, with its persecution of religion in Mexico, Spain, Russia, Germany, Poland, Austria, and other countries, nor its violence, on the assumption that religion is only a myth or the opium of the people. Men do not go into a rage over an illusion; they do not combat phantoms with pitchforks, nor dynamite dreams, nor bomb illusions, nor assassinate fancies, nor throw themselves into frenzies of hate against the man in the moon. The present day violence against religion can be explained only by the reality of that which is persecuted, namely, God Himself.

A few years ago I encountered a young atheist in the vestibule of a Catholic Church in London who, boasting of her atheism, shouted: ”Every night I go out to Hyde Park and talk against God. I urge my listeners to drive the illusion from the earth. I circulate England, Scotland, and Wales with pamphlets denouncing a belief in God.” When she drew a deep breath thus giving me my just opportunity to speak I said to her: ”Suppose I went across the street here to Soho Square and every night talked against 20-footed ghosts and 10-legged centaurs; suppose I circulated England, Scotland. and Wales with pamphlets denouncing a belief in 20-footed ghosts and 10-legged centaurs. What would happen to me?” She said: ”You would be crazy; they would lock you up.” ”Correct,” said I ”Now, tell me, why don’t they lock you up? Don’t you put God in exactly the same category of illusion as that in which I put a 20-footed ghost and a 10-legged centaur? Why would I be crazy and not you?” I had to tell her the answer: ”Because if I attacked ghosts or centaurs the reason of men and the tradition of mankind would tell me I was attacking a figment of my imagination– which is a mark of insanity. But when you attack God you are not attacking an illusion but something just as real as the thrust of a sword or an embrace. It is the reality of God which saves you from insanity and it is the reality of God which gives substance and energy to your attacks.” And she answered: ”I hate you!” To which I answered: ”Now you have answered me. Atheism is not a doctrine, it is a cry of wrath.”

Universalize the case and you have the explanation for the vehemence and ferocity of modern atheism. It could not so hate a myth. lf there were no God, the rage of atheism would be without foundation. They destroy only because there is something to be destroyed. In a word, they believe. Only where the image of God is can there be the counterfeit; man can set himself up as God only because he came from God. Behind every persecution, every human perversion, and every insolence to rid the world of Him, the Divine Original shines forth. Men could not be godless without God; they could not curse God if they were not first loved by God. The wrath of God under which every atheist stands is the Divine Love, which has become a force opposed to him because he has turned against God. The God whom the atheist hates is the God whom the believer loves; God is not hate save to him who hates.

Morality, piety, love of God, are constant reproaches to the atheists immorality and their burdened consciences. They falsely believe that remorse of conscience, a sense of guilt, and the effects of sin, are the creation of priests and religious; if they could kill all priests, ministers, and rabbis, and raze all churches and synagogues, they could sin with impunity, do wrong without feeling guilty, and lift themselves up to the insane stage where there is no longer a distinction between good and evil and therefore one where man is God and God is naught. They cannot drive God out of the world, but they seek to banish His representatives. That is why they persecute! But instead of scaling the heavens and making themselves as gods, they only lay waste the earth. // December 15, 1940


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