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Help stop UN attack on conscientious objection to abortion

Help stop UN attack on conscientious objection to abortion

18 September 2010

Dear supporter,

At the Human Rights Council in Geneva, top United Nations officials have called for the policing of nations worldwide to “address the refusal of physicians to perform legal abortions”.

Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary General, and Navanethem Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, have launched a report “on discrimination against women, in law and practice, and how the issue is addressed throughout the United Nations human rights system”.

The report recommends the creation of a new office to focus on laws and practices that discriminate against women. This means the appointment of a special rapporteur who, in addition to following up on genuine rights, would also follow up on recommendations such as attacking doctors’ conscientious objection to abortion.

Pope Benedict got to the heart of the matter in Westminster Hall yesterday when he highlighted the worldwide attack by governments on conscientious objection.  Ban Ki Moon and Navanethem Pillay are exploiting their UN roles to step up this attack and to push for a global right to abortion.

Last June the same pair of UN officials pushed through the Human Rights Council an ideologically-driven pro-abortion report with the aim of attaching legalized abortion to the Millenium Development Goals. Governments and concerned citizens worldwide must heed Pope Benedict’s timely warning and stop this latest report in its tracks.

Please contact the foreign ministry in your country, urging your government to reject the Ban Ki Moon/Navanethem Pillay report, because abortion is not a human right, but conscientious objection is.

Supporters in the UK should contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

Please copy any replies you receive to

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Please protest against this evil by following the link below if you are in the UK (or your own country’s foreign ministry) and write your complaint or, at least, copy and paste into the “Enquiry” box the complaint below. (In the “Choose a Subject” box, select “Human rights issues.”)


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